Zen Mystic Messenger – Hyun Ryu | The Romantic Character!

Zen Mystic Messenger is one of the best and the most Romantic Character of the Story. If you want to play the game with an ultimate, passionate, and flirty guy then Zen if your first choice. The Real name of this character is Hyun Ryu and people mostly choose it while playing the Amazing Mystic Messenger App.

Zen is famous because of this Good Looks, Lean Abs, and the attractive way of Talking. All these things make him Girl’s favorite. If you want to play the App with this character first you need to know about him his personality and much more. So, stay with us and read the complete article to know almost everything about him!


About Zen Mystic Messenger

Let’s discuss the first Zen and the basic information about hum. His Real and full Name is Hyun Ryu. He is just like a Celebrity of the Application because of these different habits and things. He loves to take selfies all the time, also loves to flirt with girls. You can easily play the Casual story mode of the App with this character.

You notice one thing that the Zen has Romantic and Flirty nature and he attracts the girls in the group. He loves and passionate to be a great actor and he also loves music and wants to because of the musician as well. All these things are suited to his personality. Below we discuss the Zen’s Personality in detail. So you need to stay with us to know every single thing Today!

Zen Personality

As I mentioned above that he has Flirty nature and if you play with him you will get interested to know about him more and more. He usually likes to build relation more often and sometimes you like the way he’s talking and become romantic as well. Jumin Han always teased Zen and he loves to be with Yoosung as well.

If we talk about his physical appearance then you have Fair Skin and look like a celebrity. He loves Gym and exercise because of this hobby or you can say habit, he looks very Muscular. He got amazing Long Silver Shaded Hair and the Beautiful Pinkiush Eyes. All these qualities make him different from others In the story mode.

How to Play with Zen in Story

You can easily play the Casual Story mode of the app with Zen. Just invite him for the party via Mystic Messenger Emails and answer correctly the questions. By these steps, you can enjoy the app by playing with Zen. Check the interesting facts about him as well below!

Interesting Facts About Zen You Need to Know

If you are a true fan of Zen then you enjoy reading the Facts about him!

  • Zen is very Romantic and has Flirty Nature.
  • He loves Gym and Exercise and has Muscular Physique.
  • Zen loves to Take Selfies all the time and want to become a successful Musical and Actor.
  • He got Long Silver Hair with Fair Skin which makes him look like a Celebrity.
  • You can Play with Zen in Casual Story Mode of Mystic Messenger.

So, that’s it for Today Hope you like the Content. If you like Romantic guys then Zen is the great choice for you. Share your thoughts about Zena and other characters in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get instant updates from us. Thanks!

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