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Today we discussed the Mystic Messenger Characters, Check the Story, Facts, Appearance, and Personality of each character here. As you know it fun to play this game with different characters and emails.

On this website, you can also get Mystic Messenger Emails with the chat times and much more. It will more fun if you already know about each of the game’s characters. Check below the facts, each character’s personality, and game role according to story modes.


Mystic Messenger Characters

There are many characters available in the different story modes like the Casual story, another story, and deep story. We discuss some main characters, about there personalities, roles in the game, and much more. So, stay with and always follow the email guide for inviting the people in the story mode.

Casual Story

Zen, Yooosuing, and Jaehee Kang are the three main characters of the Casual story mode of the mystic messenger. To know about them, check below!


Zen character’s real name is Hyun Ryn and it is one of the main characters in mystic messenger. He is handsome and charming and has romantic nature. Because of his looks and flirting nature, zen has become more popular in the casual story.

Zen loves to play music and he is also a successful singer, actor, and dancer. He has a muscular physique and loves to wear tight-fitting pants with formal shoes and jackets. To know about more zen Character, check the specific article about it on our website!


Yoosung is another character of the Casual story in Mystic Messenger. He is a College student and spends most of the time in a game known as LOLOL and also neglects his studies due to this game. Yoosung has a very loving and lighthearted nature and he cares about the people and spread the love around him.

He has blond hair and violet eyes and his clothing style contains blue color. Yoosung is the shortest character and has a very youthful appearance. He wears two hair clips in an X shape that looks amazing according to his personality. To know further about hum check this guide!

Jaehee Kang

Jaehee Kang is the available character in the Causal story of the mystic messenger and the only female character with the route. She is working as a chief secretary in a company called C& R international! Jaehee Kang is a very hardworking, very caring, and nice woman.

She has a great sense of humor as well and has good relations with other characters. She has an average height of 165 centimeters and has brownish beautiful eyes. Jaehee Kang always wears shaded glasses and has short brown hair. Her dressing sense is amazing and usually wears a black jacket with a white dress shirt and heels.

Deep Story

Jumin Han, and 707, are the two main characters of the Deep story mode of the mystic messenger. Check all facts about them below in this Guide!

Jumin Han

Jumin Han is the main character of the Mystic Messenger Deep Story. He belongs to a Wealthy/rich family and heir of the company called C&R International. Jumin loves to talk about business topics and usually spends their time on business trips. He is a pet lover and always talks about his cat Elizabeth 3rd.

He is a very serious and quite mature person and focuses on his business goals always. Jumin has grey eyes with black hair and a very pale skin complexion. He always loves to wear formal suits, a jacket, formal pants, a white long shirt, a tie with nice pair of shoes. For further details about him check the complete guide posted on our website!


The real name of 707 Deep Story character of the mystic messenger is Saeyoung Choi commonly known as Seven. 707 is basically a hacker and quickly finds any information about anything! He loves to make fun of other characters through the chat room.

He is very serious and sometimes depressed as well, because of his profession and his past. 707 has golden eyes with messy vermilion hair. 707 always wearing his glasses with a black jacket. He has his orange headphone most of the time in his neck and wears a cross necklace of silver color. Check further about him on our website!

Another Story

Ray, and V, are the two main characters of the story of the mystic messenger. To know their appearance and personalities check below!


Juhyun Kim commonly known as “V” is the main character of another story and the side character of Deep Story and the Casual story of the mystic messenger. V was added on Sept 2017 update for android users and after days later for IOS users. He works with Seven and keeps secret things to the RFA members.

Jumin and V are childhood friends and they talk about their schooling times when fo the church together.  V is a person who respects the privacy of everyone who trusted him. He has turquoise hair and eyes and a lanky character. He always wearing a pair of dress pants and a black loose shirt with an open suit (silver).


Ray real name Saeran Choi is one of the main characters of Another story of the mystic messenger. He is a twin brother of 707 and his name displayed as ??? (three question marks). On January 31, 2018, Ray was added to another story as a romantic character.  He represents himself as an Angle and leads RFS with forceful methods.

Saeran has a Mint Eye symbol as a tattoo that indicates his loyalty to Mint eye. He has mint-colored eyes and white hair with pink tips. As Ray in another story, his hair is well combed and he wears a magenta suit. When his personality changes in his route he wears a silver chain with a black suit and in the last days of the route he wears black pants with a white shirt.


So, that’s it for this guide, I hope you understand the basic aspects of every Mystic Messenger characters. To know complete details about each character check the specific article about each of them only on our website. Subscribe for Free notifications and stay active. Thank You!

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