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In this article, we discussed another character of Mystic messenger Jaehee Kang. All the details, the role of this player, personality, and appearance discussed here. So, read the complete article and if you have any query please let us know!

Jaehee Kang is one of the best available characters in the Mystic messenger Casual story. She works for C&H international as an Assistant of Jumin Han’s. Jahre is a very hardworking, passionate, and kind person. The Mystic messenger fans always looking for the facts about her. So, read this article now!


Jaehee Kang Mystic Messenger Personality

She is basically a very serious, hardworking businesswoman and also very caring. Jaehee Kang likes to face challenges and has a good sense of humor as well. The only thing that will make her frustrating while things cannot be done according to her schedule.

Jaehee Kang always loves to work with his boss Jumin Han on different work challenges both in his personal life and work. She also likes to organized things according to her mind and has a great sense of cleaning things. If you want to know about her Appearance check below!


Let discuss her clothing style first. Jaehee Kang always wears shaded glasses that were given by her boss. She wears a dark jacket with black heels and a white dress shirt. She has beautiful long wavy hair that will make her look more decent She has an average height woman and weight is approximately 54 KG.

Jaehee Kang in Casual Story

Jaehee Kang is a character in a Casual story in Mystic Messenger, you can play the game with her by using Mystic emails for inviting people. To know about her background story you need to stay active on our website because soon we will publish it here!

Interesting Facts about Her

Check out the interesting facts about Jaehee Kang here and share them with others as well!

  • Jaehee Kang is a business hardworking women.
  • She likes to work with her Boss Jumin Han.
  • She has a very caring and kind personality that makes her a more softhearted woman.
  • Jaehee Kang has an average height (165 cm) and weight is almost 54 kg.
  • She is available for Casual Story in Mystic Messenger.

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