Ray Mystic Messenger (Unknown) | The Two Personalities Character!

Ray Real name Saeran Choi commonly known as Unknown is the main Character of Another story in Mystic Messenger. In the Novel visually his name is written as 3 Question marks (???). The Unknown (Ray) is a twin brother of Seven and a follower of the Mint eye organization.

Today in this guide we try to explain everything about him like this personality, his role in the mystic messenger another story, and his appearance as well. So, read the article and if you like it then share it on Social media as well.


Ray Mystic Messenger Personality

Ray is basically a Two Personalities character available in Another Story, Casual Story as well as ion Deep Story. He is a very welcoming and charming person who loves gardening and cooking. Unknown/Ray is a genius programmer and hacker and has a Mint Eye tattoo on him because of his loyalty towards that organization.

Both of his personalities communicate with each other.  He calls 707 and V the traitors and holds a very strong grudge towards them. On Jan 31, 2018, In another story, Ray is able to be romantic and in Casual and Deep story routes his fate is not cleared.


He wears in Deep story and Casual story a Black Leather Jacket with a Red Tank and also a Black choker on his neck. You can also see that he wears a Bracket of black colored on his wrist. But in Another Story when he becomes Ray, he has well-combed hair and wears a magenta suit with a nice jacket with a pair of Tan Slacks.

Ray has white hair and amazing mint Eyes that make him more attractive. As You know he also has a tattoo of Mint Eye organizations because he follows their ideologies. In the ending days of the route, he wears plain back pants with a white dress shirt.

Ray in Another Story

Ray/Unknown is basically a two personalities character. His both personalities are available in Another Story and the Deep and Casual Routes. I suggest you check out the Guide of Mystic Messenger Emails and stay active because our upcoming guide will be on the Complete background story of Ray or unknown.

Interesting Facts

We update the most Interesting Facts about Him, check right now!

  • He is Two different Personalities Characters of Mystic Messenger.
  • Ray/Unknown is a very Welcoming and charming Person.
  • He Enjoys Cooking and loves Gardening as well.
  • Both his personalities are aware of each other and communicate as well.
  • He wears different dresses in different story modes.
  • He is available in Another story as well as the Deep and Casual Story Routes.

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