V Mystic Messenger – Jihyun Kim | The Most Mysterious Character

Jihyun Kim commonly referred to as V is the main character of another story mode in the Mystic Messenger and the side character of Deep story and Casual Story. This character was first released on Sept 8, 2017, in another story mode for android as well as IOS users.

Today we discussed the V Mystic Messenger character’s personality, his appearance, and the role in the story. So, stay with us and read the complete article to know everything about him.


V Mystic Messenger Personality

V is basically a very loyal and Mysterious person and always keeps other secrets and respects their privacy. He is also a childhood friend of Jumin Han and they talk a lot when going to church. He is a Head of RFA and working with 707 to keep secret things to the Members of RFA.

V’s personality is very different when he was in school. He always loves the artist who has abstract plans and ideas because he is a very down-to-earth kind of person. Want to know about his Appearance? then check below!


V has beautiful hair with Turquoise eyes. He is a very lanky character and tall as well. If you talk about his dressing sense, I think it is great because he usually wears a loose black shirt and an open silver suit with grey pants.

Also, He likes to wear grey-colored shoes with a necklace (usually silver). All these things and accessories will make him different and quite unique from other characters of Mystic Messenger.

V in Another Story

As You know V is the main character of Another story mode and first released by the update of Sept 2017. He is also available in Deep story and casual story as a side character. If you want to play with him check further about him on our website and do not forget to consider the Mystic Messenger email guide to read.

Interesting Facts

Below we listed some amazing and Interesting Facts about V, check them now!

  • He is a Tall and Lanky character of Mystic Messenger in Another story.
  • He is working as a head of RFA and his job is to keep the Secret things to RFA Members.
  • V is a very Loyal and Down to earth character.
  • He usually wears a black shirt and silver open suit with grey shoes and a silver necklace.
  • He is available as the side character of Deep Story and Casual Story and the main character of Another Story mode.

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