707 Mystic Messenger – Saeyoung Choi | Most Genius Character!

707 the Real name Saeyoung Choi commonly known as Seven is another Deep story character of the Mystic Messenger. 707 is a well-known Genius hacker in the game that will access any information he wants.  He is a very famous character in Deep story mode and people love to know further about him.

Today we have discussed his personality, appearance, his role in the game, and much more. In the end, you will get the facts about him as well. Read the complete article to know everything about him and share the guide with others as well!


707 Mystic Messenger Personality

Seven is very serious and depressed because of his profession and past. He has a passion for hacking and wants to get more success in this field. 707 has a very Bizarre and outgoing personality that will make him quite unique from other Mystic Messenger characters.

He loves to do pranks with Yoosung and other characters especially in chat rooms and he is a kind of jokester as well. Seven is a car enthusiast and owns many cars as well. Once her mentioned that he is a Catholic and after that, he shows his religious values in his Route as well.


He wears a Black Jacket and a Silver Necklace usually. Seven loves to wear Yellow and grey glasses every time and very rarely he changes his outfit. You will notice that he has also orange headphones around this neck that look very cool and modern. Seven has beautiful Golden Colored Eyes with Messy Hair and his height is about 175 Centimeters with a weight of 69 kg.

707 in Deep Story

707 available for Deep Story mode in the Mystic Messenger. You can play with him along with the Email of Mystic Messenger for inviting people. The complete background of 707 will soon share on our website so for that, you need to enable the free notifications!

Interesting Facts

Check the Interesting Facts about 707 here!

  • 707 is a Genius hacker and access to any information that he wants.
  • He is quite depressed and serious because of his past and Profession.
  • He loves to wear his Yellow and Grey Glassed every time with Orange headphones around this neck.
  • Ha as Golden Eyes with Messy Hair.
  • 707 is available in Deep Story of Mystic Messenger.

So, that’s it for this article I hope you know everything important about 707, his personality, appearance, and role in the game. To know about other characters stay active on our website.

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